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Thinking about a new bathroom? Bathroom renovations are regarded as very important by many in that it is one of the first things we encounter in the morning, it sets our mood for the day and if the bathroom looks and acts shoddy, so we tend to feel! Wouldn’t it be good to know that when we wake up and prepare for the new day, the bathroom was warm, clean, beautiful and worked perfectly? Underfloor heating, vinyl flooring, overhead heating, frame-less and floor-level drainage in the plus – size or double volume shower with ample space for shampoos, soaps etc. Or maybe a nice soak in a jet bath under lovely low energy down lighters and stylish cornice moldings, your visitors would also be impressed by the clean feel and experience when they inevitably need to use the room. Did you know that these items would hardly cost any more to fit (labour) at M.D.K. Renovation Services?

We also go to great lengths to ensure the walls/ floor are totally waterproof, the correct plumbing is used, correct ceiling paint is applied and tiling is PERFECT. All water points have a stopcock installed and any corroded/ aging pipework is replaced, as we, like yourself would expect maintenance free usage for many years to come – our past customers know this well! I have on many occasion returned to our previous clients years later, and the bathroom truly looks the same as we left it the day we completed the project!

M.D.K. Renovation Services guarantee our workmanship for 12 months, although I am sure your bathroom would last at least 20+ years. We have a hassle-free method of planning: we send you a list of everything you might possibly require in spreadsheet form – you only purchase the fittings that are in eyesight (tiles – we calculate the exact amount needed, baths, showers, taps, lights etc.) and all other items are our problem. You just print out the list, take it to your shops of choice, the salespeople will explain anything you might not understand. You choose exactly what you want, make the purchase and let them deliver, or we will fetch everything!

We do free quotations even after hours at your convenience and will deliver the quote within 24 hours.