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For all your building requirements, specialising in bathroom renovations.

Building Practices

Our Building Standards.

Hiring fly-by-night builders is a problem in our country that is much bigger than one would imagine, the problem even surprises us who work in the industry. People are losing their hard earned and saved money every day, hoping to get a bargain build. If a quote seems low it would obviously seem very tempting, but the truth is that when one compares apples to apples, all quotes should be very similar, because material and labour are pretty standard, I guarantee that the budget guy has either made a mistake, has a plan to ask for more money later on, or straight out plans to disappear with your money. Trying to get the money back is close to if not impossible. Rather pay for quality and assurance because bad building practice can be a nightmare together with great loss and regret.

M.D.K. Renovation Services has been in operation since 2008. We were registered as MDK Renovation Services PTY(LTD) in January 2012. We have been registered with the NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council) since 2012, which means being subject to a written building practice exam, credit checks every year and we are liable to be de-registered under certain bad workmanship circumstances.

We are also insured against on-site accidental loss (e.g. if a fire breaks out, or your stuff is damaged, it will be replaced).

MDK Renovation Services is a BEE certified company (Level 4)

MDK has built new dwellings and done many alterations, we have lots of references from many satisfied customers. We have extremely polite, reliable and trustworthy staff who make sure nothing is damaged or left dirty.

And after all being said, our prices are still very reasonable, every quote is carefully worked out: materials, labour, time frames etc. to avoid any misunderstandings.

Why not just give us a call, we will supply you an obligation free quote and full explanation of the process.

We guarantee our work for a full year and 5 years covered by the NHBRC for new homes.